Monday, February 22, 2010

and, y not?

surely in everyone's life there is something worth blogging about.... right?

i'm not exactly sure the journey on which this blog will take me (and hopefully a few friends...) but, i do believe that it's worth a try. i'm at this time in my life where so many things are happening at once and it is wonderful and it is scary and it's flying by and it's never.ending and i don't want to take for granted a second or forget one blessing that i see during it all.

so... a little about me. for the next 96 days i will be emily grace fancypants (some names may have been changed to protect the innocent). after that... well, the first part will be the same... but, the ending will change forever. i will be married to my favorite person in the world! and, i couldn't be happier... and, a little part of me is a bit broken.hearted... because i love it here... the beach is my home and i will miss it so much... but, i wouldn't do a thing differently because i am and, therein lives the first great contradiction, of which there are many that make it hard to say how i am doing today...

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