Monday, February 22, 2010

whole wheat milk?!

i am borderline obsessed with fitness and nutrition web.sites and blogs. i also love all things recipes. i have recently restarted my attempts at the paleo lifestyle (diet). cause, hey... i'm about to spend a week in paradise with the hottest guy i know. so, in case someone reads this some day i thought it might be helpful if i condensed some things i have learned into this one little space.

food i ate today:
scrambled eggs with roasted red & orange peppers, onions, & garlic
a banana

pesto chicken and vegetables... (thanks, tart reform)
w/ awesome homemade spaghetti sauce from mark's daily apple

lots of nuts and a bit of dried fruit

spaghetti squash (cut in half, microwave covered in a bit of water cut side down for 7 minutes each half; use a fork to pull out the strands & VOILA: squashy spaghetti yumminess! - i suggest doing whatever you can to get the moisture out of the "spaghetti")
w/ homemade sauce mentioned above
& roasted broccoli (oven - 450, mix broccoli pieces with a bit of olive oil & your favorite spices, cook for 20 minutes or so for yummy slightly crispy broccoli, nice with a splash of lemon juice at the end)

more water than I can count & 5 (yea....) diet cokes!!

workout (w/ Kristen, thank goodness!):

2 rounds:
400 meter run
15 lunges each leg
10 kettlebell swings
10 sumo squats with a kettlebell row
5 upside down pull-ups on the squat rack

and, then... the ab workout that my sweet fiance gave me:

40 crunches
40 side crunches each side
40 reverse crunches
40 leg lifts
50 flutter kicks

God love him


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