Tuesday, March 2, 2010

89 days!!

in 89 days i will marry jeff. wow. in 91 days i will fly away to spend 8 days in paradise with the man of my dreams. wow. i still can't believe it. it is all very surreal. i am so happy. i am so thankful.

we went on a retreat with Christian faculty from the naval academy over the week end. such a blessing to spend time with those folks. i am so encouraged to just know that they are there... where i will be living soon! we also picked out our wedding bands. beautiful!! i can't wait to put it on!

sooo... foood....

week ends are hard, especially because with traveling so much jeff and i do a lot of "vacation eating"!!

but, the week is better. last night i made de.lic.ious coconut encrusted chicken and shrimp from mark (i just made the shrimp the same way as the chicken). i ate the chicken on a salad for lunch and it was so.good!! and, i snacked on the shrimp throughout the day. such a wonderful alternative to fried breaded coconut shrimp!!

kristen and lindsey came over for dinner and i made this yummy shrimp and broccoli with onions. but, i just used olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon pepper and a bit of sea salt instead of the suggested spices. it was great!! for "dessert" i made these super easy microwave baked apples with blueberries. they were very good! but... i mean... who wouldn't rather have something full of butter or covered in chocolate?! i hope that someday i will choose baked apples over brownies because it's just what i want and not what i know i should do....


kristen and i got our booties to the gym this morning and after a torturous ab workout we did sprints on the bike. 2 minutes warm.up then 10 sets of 30 seconds sprint and 1:00 easier (but not easy!). i did a pretty tough resistance and i was wiped afterwards!!

thanks for reading :)



Kristen said...

just to clarify: Emily is the one who got my booty to the gym said morning. any implication that my driving there was at all self-propelled is false. but thank you for making me look motivated!

and she totally rocked the harder resistance. i wimped out and stuck with level 12 for my sprints.

Anna said...

Emily! Thanks for stopping by Your Trash, My Treasure!:) I LOVE that your wedding dress has pockets! I would love to see a picture if you ever post one.:)

congrats on getting married!! i can't wait to hear more about the wedding and everything!!!